NELCO Completes Work
on North Andover
Town Hall Renovation

NELCO Worldwide announced the completion of its work on the new North Andover, MA Town Hall, which will house all of the town’s municipal departments in a single structure for the first time in more than 30 years.

“Combining the old fire station with new city offices presented us with some unique challenges,” said Rick LeBlanc, President and CEO of NELCO Worldwide. “We’re happy to have played a part in constructing such an iconic structure for the community.”

Building on the Past

While the new exterior design kept the distinctive look of the old firehouse doors—those are now windows—the interior is almost unrecognizable. Visitors will now see contemporary features like a soaring atrium and balconies on the building’s second floor.

But a modern design is only one aspect of the new building. NELCO and town administrators worked to ensure the public has easy access to the town clerk’s office and other frequently visited departments, all of which are on the ground floor.

Specialized Attention for Municipal Projects

NELCO’S Special Projects Division handled both the planning and construction on the North Andover project. “We’ve assembled a team that specializes in public-sector projects,” said LeBlanc. “Our team understands how to navigate the complex bidding process and the need to operate as part of a multi-faceted team. Projects of this scale require an extraordinarily high level of collaboration.”