Are you able to envision all of the possibilities for your medical facility? The architectural team at NELCO collaborates with a network of strategic partners that specialize in the design of premier cancer treatment and diagnostic imaging facilities. Working with a team who seamlessly incorporates clinical requirements and technology specifications of linear accelerators, HDR equipment, and diagnostic imaging equipment allows our clients to get up and running quickly and properly. The NELCO architectural team assists with all aspects of requirements for each project, from physics and structural design through finish and furniture selections. Whatever the project calls for, from concept to full design/build, NELCO plans for and delivers.


Yes, NELCO can provide architectural services for any space inside of a facility, including waiting rooms, chapels, office space or meeting rooms.

We offer pre-designed solutions or we can work with owners to create a custom design.

Yes, NELCO has designed several leased spaces, and has products to help out in this situation as well.

NELCO has worked with medical facilities for over 75 years. Additionally, our team of registered architects has over 35 years of experience in the industry. For a list of references, contact your local NELCO salesperson.