Get it fixed right, even before it breaks. More and more, clients are seeing the ongoing benefits of our expanded NELCO Preventative Maintenance Program. The need for service calls can be greatly reduced, which means less down time for the facility. Naturally, in the event that something breaks or needs to be serviced, we know that time is of the essence. Count on NELCO to be there quickly, so your facility can be up and running without delay. Our teams of expert engineers and service providers have the experience and the know-how to find the problem and fix it right — before it’s broken or after.

Preventative Services

In addition to custom preventative maintenance, basic services offered are:

  • Radiation shielding door maintenance (swing or slide)
  • Lead roofing maintenance

Repair Service

In addition to custom repair, basic services offered are:

  • Radiation shielding door repair (swing or slide)
  • MRI shielding service and repair
  • Precipitator lining and repair
  • Autoclave lining and repair
  • Vessel assembly, lining and repair
  • Lead roofing repair