Lead Waterproofing Membranes: When installed correctly a lead membrane is impregnable to water and moisture and can last hundreds of years. The membrane is installed in sheets of lead which are laminated to the structure then through a process of lead burning (welding) the seams are sealed using burning bars with the same lead composition as the sheet lead. An alternative method to lead burning is soldering this does not have the same corrosion resistance or structural strength.

Lead Pans

Lead pans are constructed by bending sheet lead to the desired size and shape. The corners are then lead burned (welded) using burning bars of the same lead composition as the sheet lead.

Lead pans will be fabricated to your desired size, shape and specification.

Industrial - anticorrosive
Industrial - anticorrosive


Below ground structures
Reflection Pools
Rooftop Gardens
Shower Stalls
Water Heaters
Water Storage Tanks
Planter boxes

Technical Specifications

Lead Thickness typically 1/16”