How do you ensure the best possible shielding solution for your needs? NELCO engineers and architects work together in a systematic, structured approach to analyze design and construction projects as well as business processes. Value engineering helps to find the balance between project requirements, such as quality and safety, with cost and other resources needed to fulfill those requirements. Achieving balance results in the maximum value for the project. Whether your challenges involve space limitations, time constraints or budget restrictions, our knowledgeable consultants are always available to provide the best materials and help you make the right decisions to ensure a successful and cost-efficient project. For high-quality, safe shielding and efficiency, NELCO is always your best value.


For use in shielding designs for medical and industrial applications including:

  • Ground-up facilities
  • Additions
  • Expansions
  • Vault upgrades
  • Renovations
  • Tenant fit-out


What can 80 years of experience bring you? Value. Our team of engineers and architects will review your project for plans for areas where value can added through cost or time savings.

We’ll review such things as:

  • Material selections
  • Constructability
  • Alternative designs
  • Alternative installation methods

Upon completion of our review we’ll present a detailed report of our findings and recommendations with the potential cost and time savings identified. Whether your project is large or small NELCO can help.