When you trust the company, you trust the product. For optimal resilience, our Soldered Copper Sheet Shielding System combines the durability of copper with the versatility of material that can be formed into any shape for a completely custom fit. To ensure an impenetrable RF seal, we solder all joints, and then follow up with complete attenuation and ground testing. NELCO also offers a robust selection of site options and accessories to customize your copper shielding system. You can depend on lasting durability from NELCO.

Features & Highlights

Soldered copper easily conforms to whatever the shape/design of the room layout; odd angles, multiple corners, etc… do not require additional time/cost;

Time Savings
Requires least fabrication time, fastest shipping time

Seams form a monolithic RF membrane, so no mechanical joints

Meets or exceeds all MRI vendor specifications

Standard 5 year warranty


  • Radio Frequency (RF) shielding for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines
  • RF shielding for data/voice security, labs, and test rooms


  • RF Shield: Copper sheeting attached to a plywood surface.
  • Panel Joining System: Sheets are overlapped and soldered together to form a monolithic RF membrane.  Plywood is attached to a frame structure, wood, or metal.
  • Walls: As described above.
    • Penetration Panel: Standard RF panels which are modified to accept the MRI vendor’s supplied penetration panel(s). This includes a test plate and grounding bus bar.
    • Magnet Delivery Access Panel: A removable section designed to align with parent building opening size for the purpose of delivery or removal of the MRI magnet.
  • Floor: Copper sheeting applied to cement board underlayment. Sheeting is overlapped and soldered to form a monolithic membrane.
    • Underlayment consistent of vapor retardant polyethylene sheeting
    • Magnet anchors/base plates installed as per the MRI OEM’s requirements
    • Trenches, if required are lined with sheets of copper, soldered together with a protective ‘overlayment’ as required.
  • Ceiling: As described above.
    • Ceiling supports utilize vertical hangers to support the frame structure to which the plywood and copper sheeting is attached. Vertical hangers are fastened to the overhead structures such as bar joists, concrete slabs, trusses or beams and are then attached to the RF ceiling.
    • Attachment points are provided at the underside of the RF ceiling to facilitate attachment and support of interior MRI room finishes, cabling, HVAC ductwork, etc…


Optional/Additional Components:

  • Magnetic Shielding: M36 Silicone Steel
  • Patient-view windows
  • Skylights
  • Penetration shielding
  • EMI rated power line and signal electrical filters
  • Magnetic shield calculations and modeling
  • Site design
  • Backlit panels
  • Pneumatic door package
  • Acoustic dampening door package
  • Interior finish
  • Preventive maintenance program


Yes, NELCO tests all installed MRI shielding systems twice – once after installation, and once again after all finish work is completed.

Yes. We can act as a single-source solution providing full design and construction services. We’ll design the system, provide quality materials, install the components, and conduct final RF compliance testing. We also specialize in upgrading existing shielded rooms to allow for new MRI units, hospital renovations, and aesthetic improvements.