Competitors: Because of the low cost and very little control, this was taken over by
non – union companies over the years. Lead linings are supplied by NELCO and other union companies

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The use of PVC linings like Koroseal have in the recent years declined, because over
the years the plating shops have started using drop-in PVC liners. Some plating
and anodizing shops still use lead line tanks and use the Sheet lead liners for anodes, to conduct the electric required for plating and anodizing.

6% antimonial sheet lead is used in Anodizing tanks because the lead is hard and conducts the cool 72 degrees temperature needed for the anodizing process. 6% antimonial lead pipe cooling coils are used to chill the acid.

Chemical sheet lead (99% pure) is primarily used for storage tanks and vessels that contain acid and waste acid.

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Acid resistant materials such as lead and other materials, used to line tanks and vessels.

NELCO has Lead lined and repaired tanks in plants listed:
Albemarle Corporation
BP Amoco
Conoco Refinery
Citgo Petroleum
Dow (Union Carbide)
Solvay plants (Rhodia)