Every successful project begins with detailed planning

There is no substitute for planning as a member of the preconstruction team NELCO brings knowledge of construction, sequencing of work and years of experience. Rather than beginning the planning after the construction documents are complete we believe in starting before the drawings are begun. This philosophy allows NELCO to provide greater value by identifying any potential questions or concerns early resulting in time and money savings.

Throughout the design process our team will continually evaluate each work area within a project analyzing conditions such as:

• Identifying any pre-existing conditions which may impact the schedule or budget
• Determine any potential sequencing issue
• Establish critical path items which may have lead time issues that could impact the schedule. Make any recommendations as required
• Evaluate constructability as it relates to schedule and budget
• Evaluate structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing details and material selections and suggest potential alternatives
• Identify areas for value engineering
During the pre-construction phase with NELCO at your side you can be guaranteed that your project will remain within budget and on schedule while maintaining an exception design.