Whether you’re looking to update the finish on your existing door or enhance the look of your new door, NELCO offers a full range of options from plastic veneers to state-of-the-art graphics.

With hundreds of color options available for plastic veneers, we are confident we have the finish you’re looking for. But if you desire something more unusual, our custom door graphics will fit your need. NELCO can take your logo or the image of your choice and create a durable, long-lasting finish for your door that will set you apart from all others.

Brookfield Swing and Slide Door Operators

Swing Door OperatorIf you’re looking for the most reliable trouble-free automatic door operator NELCO has the only operator designed specifically for use in radiation therapy.  Brookfield Industries worked closely with NELCO in the development of both the swing, slide and bi-parting slide door NB series operators producing a product that exceeds the demands of even the busiest treatment center.

With more than 3000 operators in use and more than half of those have been in operation longer than much of our competition has been in business. Experience why no other automatic door operator can offer the peace of mind as the Brookfield operator installed by NELCO offers.


Technical Specs

Model #, Door Type, Maximum Door Weight

Model: NB-500-LE, Swing Door:  
2,500 lbs or 1,130 Kg
Model: NB-500, Swing Door:  
4,500 lbs or 2,040 Kg
Model: NB-1000, Swing Door:  
12,000 lbs or 5,440 Kg
Model: NB-2000, Swing Door:  
20,000 lbs or 9,070 Kg
Model: NB-2000-HD2, Swing Door:  
>20,000 lbs or >9,070 Kg
Model: NB-4000, Single and Bi-Parting Slide Door:  
Up to 125,000 lbs or Up to 56,700 Kg

Features and Benefits

Door opening and closing speeds as quick as 5 seconds

Low Maintenance

Free egress on swing doors allowing easy emergency exit in the event of power loss

Can be retrofitted to existing door installations

Guardian Door Partial Open Feature

Partial OpenThe partial open feature can be added to any new or existing Guardian door installation with a Brookfield operator.  When you need to enter the treatment room but don’t need the full width of the door opening the partial open feature will open the door in half the time by opening the door to a 50% open position. This allows the technician to enter the room more quickly and attend to the patients’ needs giving them peace of mind.

Features & Benefits:

• Can be added to any Brookfield operator manufactured in the past 10 years

• Cuts door opening times by 50% while maintaining staff safety


Guardian Door Battery Backup System

A battery backup system is an important part of any disaster plan in the event you should happen to lose power the battery backup system will open even the largest doors including those exceeding 100,000 Pounds (45,360 Kg).  The battery backup system comes standard on all bi-parting and single leaf slide doors but can be added to any swing door new or old.

Features & Benefits:

• Allows emergency access to treatment room in the event of power loss

Guardian Door Safety Devices

Infrared Presence Sensors

NELCO infrared presence sensors provide a curtain of security providing peace of mind that your patients and staff will enter and exit the treatment room safely. There are three models available each of which provide a harmless and invisible curtain of light which detect objects in and around the door openings.  When an object is detected by a sensor the door if in the closed position will not open or if the door is moving it will stop and reverse direction. In addition, to provide even more peace of mind in the unlikely event that a sensor is damaged or fails the system will disable the door operator preventing any potential hazards.

The NELCO infrared safety devices can be installed on any radiation therapy treatment room door with an automated door operator.

Features & Benefits:

Presence SensorGuardian Swing Door Infrared Presence Sensor

  • Active Infrared Sensors
  • Mounted on the door near the top edge out of harm’s way
  • Rotating Cam for adjustment of light curtain
  • Front and Rear mounting


Slide Door Presence SensorGuardian Slide Door Overhead Presence Sensor

  • Mounts on the wall or ceiling above the door providing protection in the area near the door threshold.
  • 2 rows of 24 active infrared beams providing two light curtains.
  • Multiple lenses allow light curtain width to be adjusted.
  • Detects any object stationary or moving within the light curtain area.
  • For use on single leaf or bi-parting slide doors.



Guardian Slide Door Side Mount Presence Sensor

  • Mounts in the door jamb on either or both the inside/outside of the door opening.
  • Full opening protection providing a curtain of light from the floor to a height of 6 feet (1.8m).
  • 40 or optional 194 criss-cross infrared beams detect any object in their path.

For use on Single leaf and bi-parting slide doors



Pressure-Sensitive Tape Switches

Tape SwitchesWhen a NELCO pressure sensitive tape switch comes in contact with an object and 4 lbs of pressure is applied the switch will compress activating the switch sending a signal to the door operator.  The door will then either stop or stop and reverse direction. These safety edges are designed in a fail-safe configuration which means if a switch is damaged the door operator will cease operation until the switch is repaired.

The tape switches can be applied to any radiation therapy swing or sliding treatment room door with an automated door operator.


Features & Benefits:

• Typically mounted in a set of 5 on the leading edge of a single leaf slide door

• Typically mounted on the face of a swing door in a T shape (one vertical and one horizontal strip)

• Full door height protection from floor to ceiling

• For use on Swing, single leaf and bi-parting swing doors.

Guardian Magnetic Lock and Key Switch

There is more to peace of mind than safety there is also security which is why NELCO offers a magnetic lock and key switch to secure your therapy treatment room.  When securing either your brachytherapy, live radioactive source or any other room the electro-magnetic lock and key switch will provide all the security you require with two models available the smaller has a holding force of 600 pounds while the larger option has a holding force of 1200 pounds.

The NELCO magnetic lock and operator can be incorporated into your access control system allowing you to keep a history of entrances to the treatment room.


Features & Benefits:

• 600 or 1,200 pound holding power

• Can be installed on either a swing or sliding door

• Easily integrated with access control systems

• Installs on new or existing installation

• Compatible with all doors regardless of manufacturer