Features & Highlights

Space Savings
Eliminates need for mazes and space for a two-door system

Cost Savings
The ingenious integration of therapy and RF into one single, dual-modality door reduces construction and installation costs and eliminates the need for pressure-release panels

Single entry and maze elimination increase patient throughput

Highly efficient, low-maintenance operating system

RF Performance
RF shielding effectiveness of 100 dB at 100 mHz

Can be customized by size, shielding or installation method. Any system. Any manufacturer.

Fast, single-door system yields increased and seamless patient throughput. RF seals actuate in less than two seconds for both open and close

Single opening and closing leads to faster access to patients

Ultimate patient and staff safety with features such as battery backup, reversing edges, and motion sensors. Fully integrated dual-modality door eliminates the need for a two-door entry and any possibility of entrapment

Einstein Door Control
Included with every system

One year. Specifically engineered for • ViewRay® MRIdian® • Elekta Unity MR-Linac

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