Because PET systems require a greater amount of shielding, you will want to rely on the impressive track record of NELCO PET installations. A wide variety of medical facilities have put their trust in NELCO to manufacture and install comprehensive PET and PET/CT shielding systems. Specialized experience is essential, as the lead thickness for walls and ceilings can exceed 1″. Heavier door systems require special consideration as well. NELCO can simply ship materials, supervise construction, or provide it all from design through finished construction.

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Yes, PET/CT Shielding Systems may be eligible for the following LEED credits:

LEED™ NC Version 2.2, MR Credits 4.1 and 4.2: Recycled material content

LEED™ NC Version 2.2, MR Credit 5.1: Local/regional materials

LEED™ NC Version 2.2, EQ Credit 4.1: Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content

Lead batten strips, ribbons, and tabs are used to guarantee an impermeable radiation shield.