Simple yet sophisticated, MegaShield™ is the strong, silent type. As needs evolve, this unique modular design is the ideal solution. Versatility, efficiency, and shielding superiority are evident as a result of this specially molded, highly rated interlocking system from NELCO. Pre-cast in several densities, MegaShield™ has the ability to meet all facility requirements. For temporarily leased properties, units can be quickly removed and reused; and for permanent vaults, you can rely on these independent, functional components to save construction time and expenses.

Features and Highlights

Quickly and easily assembled or disassembled for relocation
Time Savings:  
Pre-cast independent of permit process for fast construction
Fiscal Gains:  
Potential tax savings with capital equipment classification

Topline Tech Specs

MegaShield™ — modular, multi-density (site-specific) concrete blocks
Linear accelerator vaults, proton therapy, HDR, Gamma Knife, CyberKnife, cobalt, nuclear medicine, and industrial applications
147 lbs/cu ft — standard; 240 and 250 lbs/cu ft — high density; custom densities can be formulated as required
Stable interlocking concrete block design; LEED Certified upon request
Meets all regulatory and safety compliance requirements


MegaShield™ requires a foundation just like any other vault. In fact, it is no different than a CIP/PIP vault foundation.

Our standard MegaShield™ vault is designed for a dual energy Linear Accelerator 6 and 18Mev with IMRT Capability. The vault is also designed for 100% occupancy on the four walls and ceiling. It can be customized to meet specific requirements while maintaining modularity.

The standard MegaShield™ Blocks are 147 or 240 pound per cubic foot concrete with some additives that will reduce block spawling.

The average 2′‐0″ x 2′‐0″ x 6′‐0″, 147 pound per cubic foot block weighs 3,528 pounds. The 240 pound per cubic foot block weighs 5,760 pounds.

Block delivery begins three weeks prior to installation. This is because each truckload can only carry 12 blocks at a time due to weight restrictions.

Typically 3 to 5 weeks from when installation starts to when the door is installed.