NELCO has long been trusted as a leading supplier of extruded lead products such as Lead Bar, Lead Wire and Lead Pipe. The process of extruding lead guarantees a very dense smooth surface and extremely accurate sizes. Our extruded products are sold unfinished however we do offer many finishing options including prime painting, epoxy paint, and powder coating for applications where the material may be handled frequently.
Extruded Lead Bar
Lead bar comes in many shapes some of the more common are square, rectangular, round and elliptical. All lead bar is available in numerous lengths, widths, diameters and are cut to your specification. NELCO also offers machining (link) of the lead bar to your specifications.
Extruded Lead Pipe and Lead Wire
All Lead Pipe and Lead Wire are extruded with uniform thickness and wall thickness throughout the entire length. Lead wire is available from .093 – .750 diameter and comes in lengths up to 10’ or on 25 lbs. or 50 lbs. spools.
Lead pipes are packed in fiber tubes to protect them during shipment to guarantee their straightness. NELCO offers lead pipe from .375” OD through 10” OD. Pipe with diameters from .375” through 1.5” are available in straight lengths up to 10’ or in coils. Lead Pipe with diameters from 1.5” through 10” are shipped in lengths up to 10’


Bullet Weights
Burning Bar
Lead Anodes (link)
Lead Ballast (link)
Acid and corrosive chemical piping
Heating and Cooling coils for the plating industry