Extra effort. Exceptional feedback.

You don’t get to be an industry leader without continually impressing customers as well as associates in the industry. We’d like to thank all of them for the kind words.


I would like to take this opportunity to comment on my experiences with NELCO that I have had over the past 15 years. NELCO has done a great job with all aspects of the work, from the timely installations, knowledgeable installers, and well-manufactured products. On numerous occasions I have recommended NELCO’s door systems and shielding products to many of the Elekta clients that I deal within Latin America. NELCO has always been a reliable resource. Throughout the years we have built a great level of trust. NELCO continues to be an asset for me on many of the projects that I am involved in.

- Hector Z. Martinez, Elekta Oncology, Neuroscience, Latin America

We were in a situation requiring a quick turnaround on shop drawings and finished product. Shop drawings and the door frame arrived exactly when promised. The shop drawings were complete, very well done and there were no delays or missed communications during the delivery process. Project Manager Glenn Casey was particularly helpful during the ordering process and continues to provide information needed during the construction phase of the Linear Accelerator building. Thank you so much for your help with our project. Your company has been added to our bid list and we hope to do business with your company again in the future.

- Carol Willis-Wilmot, Skanska

I wanted to take a moment to thank you guys at NELCO for an excellent installation job out here in NC. John Kligis led the effort to install our new BrainLab IGRT system, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with his work. John was professional, organized and left nothing to chance on our installation. John stayed on top of everything from the deliveries to the contractors, and the whole thing went from start to finish without a hitch. He was accommodating to our clinical schedule, and we suffered no delays of missed treatments as a result of his hard work. I’d like to just say thanks again to all of you guys, especially John. It was a real pleasure to work with NELCO.

- Steven L. McLawhorn, Ph. D., Alliance Oncology

NELCO was selected as the subcontractor of choice to supply N-HE-5 Linac Swing Door System for VARIAN LINAC Project National Cancer Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam. The project was a large lead project and Schmidt was very proud to be the main supplier of this project. NELCO had coordinated their work with our service engineers closely and brought any issues to us in a timely manner to get a resolution in the soonest time. The professionalism of their staffs, accompanied by their commitment to quality and safety, is to be commended. The National Cancer Hospital and Linac Project was definitely a large, complex shielding project and its success could not have been achieved without the partnership between Schmidt and NELCO. NELCO was a very professional company and we look forward to future opportunities to work together.

- Per Dalin, Director, Schmidt BioMedTech

We are writing to express our appreciation for your company’s hard work in helping us deliver an outstanding product this past year at the new MLK Medical Office Building in Tampa. Both our development partner, Optimal Outcomes LLC, and the tenant, Florida Cancer Specialists, are thrilled with the way the facility turned out and the process with which it was constructed. We acknowledge our work is only as good as our subcontractors and suppliers work. Your efforts did not go unrecognized. We congratulate your field personnel for a job well done and we look forward to our next opportunity together.

- Eric Lanctot, Manager of Business Development, Bay Area Building Solutions

I had an excellent experience working with NELCO on the UWHC RTX project and look forward to working with your company in the future. I would also like to recognize the crew that you recently sent to Madison, WI. They were extremely professional, hard-working and courteous.

- Andrew T. Fieber, LEED AP, Oscar J. Boldt Construction

NELCO was recently involved in the construction of the Ninth and Jefferson Building at the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA. NELCO’s scope of work on the project was to furnish and install a 45’-0” by 16’-0” magnetic shielding system. NELCO’s responsibilities included providing all labor and materials as well as making provisions for receiving and off-loading all material deliveries associated with the project. Turner Construction Co. provided NELCO with a one-week time frame in which the work was completed. This time period began on July 14, 2008 and ended on July 21, 2008. NELCO completed their scope satisfactorily within the allotted time.

- Richard Teddy, Project Manager, Turner

Nelco was selected by Hip Shing Deco, as the radiation shielding protection subcontractor of choice for Hong Kong Hospital and Sanatorium. This project was a large scale lead project that included two Tomo-Therapy rooms, Linear Accelerator vault, two Nelco sliding door systems and one Nelco swing door system. Nelco provided nearly 3,000,000 pounds of lead brick to be installed by our team ofinstallers and Nelco supervision. Nelco coordinated their work accordingly and brought any issues to Hip Shing Deco’s attention in a timely manner to get a resolution without delaying the project. The professionalism of their office and field supervisors, accompanied by their commitment to quality and safety is to be commended. The Hong Kong Hospital and Sanatorium project was definitely a large and complex shielding project and its success could not have been achieved without the partnership between Hip Shing Deco and Nelco. Nelco was a very professional company and we look forward to future opportunities to work together.

- Mr. Yam Chi Ho, Director of Hip Shing Deco, Hip Shing Decoration Co.

Nelco was selected by McCarthy/Clark/Hunt, a Joint Venture as the radiation protection subcontractor of choice for the LAC+USC Medical Center Replacement Project in Los Angeles, CA. Their contract value at the close of the project was $2,871,000.00 and included three buildings. Nelco’s scope also consisted of 300+tons of steel shielding and they also installed three copper shielded MRI rooms, which were required to be deferred approval item and required much design on Nelco’s part. Nelco coordinated accordingly and brought any issues to supervision in a timely manner to get a resolution without delaying the project. The professionalism to their office and field supervisors, accompanied by their commitment to quality and safety is to be commended. The LAC+USC Medical Center Replacement Project was a large and complex shielding project and its success could not have been achieved without the participation of Nelco. We look forward to future opportunities to work together as a team.

- Jim Stromberg, Subcontractor Coordinator, McArthy,

Fry Construction elected to utilize NELCO for Premier Cancer’s first cancer treatment center in Dallas, TX. The job posed many unique obstacles. The building was demoed back to the slab and iron structure for the most part. The project was our first experience with direct-entry vaults and it went as smoothly as I would have ever imagined. I cannot overestimate the value your team added to the overall quality, timeliness and success of the project. Having an organization like NELCO, and a point person with the experience and expertise in this sector, will always translate to a job that is completed on time and done right—without surprises. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

- Brenton W. Fry, Fry Construction Company, Inc.

Just a short note to let you know the Cyberknife presentation went down well in the recent international conference on radiation protection in medicine held in Varna, Bulgaria. It won the best paper award in its category -—we beat stiff opposition from a cyclotron paper from Japan, amongst other very good publications.

- Martin Sheridan, Ireland

[NELCO] recently completed a major project at Hong Kong Sanitarium and Hospital that consisted of over 1 .5 million pounds of lead, two GUARDIAN slide door systems, and one GUARDIAN swing door system….The owner was extremely pleased with your work and in fact is looking to use NELCO for future projects. The inputs of all the NELCO team involved in the project were totally
positive and timely. It made for a very good working relationship with us and the owner.

- Yam Chi Ho, Hip Shing Decoration Co.

The complete operation from planning to installation was completed on time, on budget, and without any significant interruption to our clinical operations. The installation looks great, and is meeting all our operational and functional needs. Your staff [was] extremely professional, capable, and fun to work with.

- Gordon Robert Ray, M.D., Palo Alto Medical Foundation

NELCO was selected as the radiation protection subcontractor of choice for the new University of Texas M.D. Anderson Ambulatory Clinic Building in Houston, Texas. The scope of protection included eight massive Linear Accelerator vaults, four PET/CT treatment rooms, 15 patient injection rooms, and multiple other diagnostic imaging rooms throughout the project. NELCO’s assistance in design, budgeting, scheduling, and logistics was a tremendous benefit to the team and to the success of the project. The delivery, staging, and installation of such a vast amount of lead on multiple floor levels, and the coordination with the other trades, went extremely well due to the teamwork NELCO displayed on the project. The professionalism of your office and field supervisors, accompanied by their commitment to quality and safety, is to be commended.

- Michael Dwight, Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

NELCO designed and installed an HDR shield enclosure for our project…This was a turnkey type installation and went very smoothly, from submittal of background drawings to their design department through modifications performed in the field to accommodate some last-minute alterations in the HVAC supply and returns into the HDR enclosure. Their installation crew was
prompt, courteous and ahead of schedule on the installation…. I would recommend NELCO as a design builder to any other facility that may need to utilize their services and products in a project.

- David L. Wright, T.R.,BSRS, Banner Children's Hospital

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate your NELCO team on a project well done at Elmhurst Medical Center in Elmhurst, Illinois. Your NELCO team acted as the in design / build contractor for an Accuray CyberKnife accelerator, which was the first time this new primary beam-shielding technology has been used in an existing linear accelerator vault. NELCO’s
team of experience and professional staff completed the project using an extremely aggressive timeline, which was accomplished by planning, coordination with the facility, owner, equipment manufacturer and all design and construction components, including the IDPH state reviewing process. The satisfaction on this and other projects is the reason why US Radiosurgery looks forward to using NELCO on our future projects.

- Greg Spurlock, COO, US Radio Surgery

The mechanics of the sliding doors are above reproach: They close smoothly, without vibration, and the controls perform flawlessly every time. Your delivery of materials was on time and your technicians were knowledgable and cooperative and welcome members of the project team. Our working relationship with NELCO goes back many years and we have completed many projects together. I am pleased to say we have three new radiation oncology centers in the
development stage and we will be working on these important projects with NELCO.

- Joel R. Barham, Leighton McGinn

Last year, my associates and I engaged NELCO as a vault and control room contractor for our new medical building and vault located in Placentia, CA. The project manager of this project was very knowledgeable, well organized and produced a desirable final product. Other construction workers on this project were also very pleased with NELCO’s level of experience, knowledge, organization skills and willingness to work not only with Oncure Medical Corporation but also

- Nicki Everhart, Hafco, Varian, and several subcontractors