NELCO has a long history of manufacturing custom lead-lined storage containers to your specification for storing radioactive materials. Whether you’re an OEM, Medical Facility, Laboratory or nuclear facility NELCO has the necessary team of engineers and physicists to design and manufacture the appropriate storage container to fit your application. Nobody can ensure your peace of mind like NELCO can with our experience, design and manufacturing capabilities.
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Features & Highlights

• Lead is completely encapsulated.
• Standard finish is paint with powder coating optional.
• All storage containers are available with locking lids.
• All storage units available with a hinged or removable lid.
• All storage containers can be labeled with appropriate safety warning notices.
• Larger storage containers may be equipped with casters.:


• Storing and transporting radioactive materials and isotopes
• Storing and transporting radioactive waste


Yes, we provide industrial shielding services worldwide.

NELCO has over 80 years of experience in this marketplace.