MRI Copper Panel System

The most popular shield in the industry.

The IMPERVIUS modular wood frame, copper-wrapped RF Shielding System is by far the most sought-after shielding solution for many reasons. Over 70% of all MRI sites are shielded with a modular copper panel shielding system. All components required for the RF shield are provided and installed by NELCO Worldwide, including RF door, RF window, RF filters & waveguides. Site-specific magnetic shielding and MRI-specific equipment interfaces are also installed by NELCO Worldwide.

MRI Copper Panel System
MRI Copper Panel System


  • Radio Frequency (RF) shielding for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines
  • RF shielding for data/voice security, labs, and test rooms


Features & Highlights

Fire-retardant wood frame, wrapped with high-quality copper, offers walls that are self-supporting and lightweight ceiling panels (2.4 lb/ft2) which reduce the load on parent ceiling structures.

Modular panels are mechanically bolted into place and are easily disassembled for magnet delivery into the RF shield and close up.

Copper shielding material is the best shielding material to resist galvanic corrosion, providing longevity exceeding the life of the MRI equipment.

Lightweight, modular bolted-panel design allows for fast installation and lends itself to support the constructibility of most architectural room designs.

RF attenuation exceeds the requirements of all MRI vendors.

Interface to the RF shield with all other trades is simple and straightforward.


Can be used in new construction or with facility renovation

Built for high traffic and high RF attenuation

Time Savings
Minimal on-site installation time, proven on-time delivery

Complete range of solutions for unique requirements

A team of professionals with extensive shielding expertise

Adhere to all safety and health regulations

Conduct final RF qualification and acceptance tests as well as ground isolation test

Limited Lifetime Warranty


Optional/Additional Components:

  • Magnetic Shielding: M36 Silicone Steel
  • Patient-view windows
  • Skylights
  • Penetration shielding
  • EMI-rated power line and signal electrical filters
  • Magnetic shield calculations and modeling
  • Site design
  • Backlit panels
  • Pneumatic door package
  • Acoustic dampening door package
  • Interior finish
  • Preventive maintenance program


Yes, NELCO tests all installed MRI shielding systems twice – once after installation, and once again after all finish work is completed.

Yes. We can act as a single-source solution providing full design and construction services. We’ll design the system, provide quality materials, install the components, and conduct final RF compliance testing. We also specialize in upgrading existing shielded rooms to allow for new MRI units, hospital renovations, and aesthetic improvements.