NELCO’s lead burning experience and high level of quality is unsurpassed in the industry. Lead burning is also knows as lead welding and may be performed during the installation or maintenance of lead linings and coatings. The process involves using a lead burning bar which matches the same chemical compound of the lead being fused together. The material being joined along with the burning bar are heated with a torch the two are then melted and fused together.
Whether you are looking to fabricate new equipment or repair existing NELCO provides lead burning services both onsite and at our manufacturing facilities for:

  • Tank Listings
  • Vessel Linings
  • Lead Pipe
  • Lead Storage Containers
  • Lead Roofing

Lead Burning services may be provided on a scheduled or emergency basis. All lead burning is conducted under our industry leading environmental, health and safety programs and guaranteed by our ISO 9001 accredited quality assurance program.