NELCO has combined the optimal operating system with dual rail linear motion to offer unparalleled ease of operation, security, and safety. For shielding integrity, reliability, safety, speed and the most advantageous use of space, simply open the GUARDIAN™ Slide Door from NELCO. This advanced slide system eliminates the need for mazes, so patient flow can be increased while reducing construction costs. Included are state-of-the-art door controls with our Einstein touch-screen system as well as an abundance of aesthetically pleasing finishes. With the largest installed base of shielded therapy doors and offices, and with expert technicians in key worldwide locations, obtaining the leading door system has never been easier.

Features & Highlights

Can be customized by size, shielding or installation method

Space Savings
Eliminates need for mazes and increased construction costs

Maze elimination increases patient throughput

Highly efficient, low-maintenance operating system

Fast door speeds yield increased patient throughput

Ultimate patient and staff safety with features such as battery backup, reversing edges, and motion sensors

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top-Line Tech Specs

GUARDIAN™ Slide Door System

Low- and high-energy linear accelerator, HDR brachytherapy, Gamma Knife, proton therapy, cobalt, PET/CT, cyclotron

Standard clear opening is 4′ x 7′;
Custom sizes available

Manufactured under strict quality control guidelines in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility

Pre-engineered door and support structure; meets all structural and seismic regulations

Operating System
Fully automatic operator, press wall switch

Exterior Finish
Wide range of interior and exterior finishes available to complement and enhance your department finishes

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Technical Specifications



LEED™ NC Version 2.2, MR Credits 4.1 and 4.2: Recycled material content
LEED™ NC Version 2.2, MR Credit 5.1: Local/regional materials
LEED™ NC Version 2.2, EQ Credit 4.1: Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content

The average gap is ½”.

The overlap on each standard 66″-wide door installed in a concrete wall with a rough opening of 51″ x 85.5″ is 7.5″.


Full open speed is 10 seconds. Approximate opening speed for the partial open is 5 seconds.


No, the Linear Motion Sliding Door System is a controlled use door and shall only be used by trained staff; it is not for general public use. NELCO provides training, as well as an instructional DVD for the staff to learn how to properly operate the slide door system.


It depends on the physics criteria and design of each facility.

This is per the physics report; however, we have found that it is typically required unless the duct work is run underground. NELCO can provide duct shielding if required.


• Door operator is on facility electric.

• Emergency electric or generator if power goes out and facility has a backup system.

• Optional battery backup.

• Operator has a disconnect, allowing door to be opened manually.